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Location Australia
Introduction This is Liam Guilar's Blog, mostly about poetry, mine and other people's, and anything else of interest. Over the years it has unintentionally developed into an online poetry resource, check the names in the sidebar but Bunting, Yeats, Pound, Joyce, Tennyson and the medieval poets get fair coverage. Lady Godiva and Me is a sequence of poems that linked Lady Godiva, both the historical Godgifu and the legendary Lady G, to a character growing up in the city of Coventry after the second world war. You can see a short film about the collection Here. Further information, full length articles and sample poems are available on my website Here .
Favorite Movies Halloween, Harvey, Fast and Clean, Herzog's Nosferatu, Planxty Live 2004, Aguirre the Wrath of God.
Favorite Music Bert Jansch, Henry Purcell, Joseph Spence, John Renbourne, Anne Briggs, Liam O'Flynn, Martin Simpson, Alan Alexander, Anon, Early, Medieval, Renaissance, Traditional, Dowland, Byrd, Tallis, J.S.Bach, Planxty
Favorite Books Bunting's collected, Yeats' complete poems, The Waste Land and Other poems, Joyce's Ulysses, Last Night's Fun, almost anything by Alan Garner, The Dumas Club, In a Glass Darkly, The Third Policeman, The Poor Mouth, The Alice books, Winnie the Pooh/the House at Pooh corner, Pepys Diary, Great Heart, The Worst Journey in the World, The Star ship and the Canoe, Does The Wet Suit You, Path of the Paddle, Canoeing down Everest. Gitting's life of Keats, Holmes' life of Coleridge, Mimesis, The World of the Shining Prince, Graves' Collected writing on poetry, Wulf and Eadwacer (and many other Old English Poems), The Tain, The Mabinogion, Lawman's Brut, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Malory's Mort.