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Location Indiana, United States
Introduction A portly, loveable, and somewhat disheveled spinster who loves to stitch and who toils in vain to meet every whim of a fussy little dog who insists on wearing a silk smoking jacket and cravat.
Interests Does Jeffrey Dean Morgan count as an interest?
Favorite Movies It is here that I reveal that I am at once a snob as well as a complete dork...Cinema Paradiso, Out Of Africa, Moonstruck, Brokeback Mountain, and Ghostbusters. You can't have a movie list without Ghostbusters.
Favorite Music Do 80's hair band qualify as music? At the moment, my stereo thingie is loaded up with the following: White Snake, Maria Callas, Bruce Springsteen, and Keb Mo. They really should make a special section in the music buying stores for people just like me.
Favorite Books Ahhhh, these are like children to me. How could you possibly choose just one? I suppose if I just HAD to, I might select Don Quixote. Or whatever latest book the New York Times Book Review tells me I need to read to be "well informed".

Why don't you ever wear a scarf? It doesn't need to be cold outside for your neck to feel naked.

I've often pondered this very question. Why don't I ever wear a scarf? I suppose it's because I do not possess the requisite neck to do so. My portliness extends from the very tips of my fat little pinky toes right on up to the roundness of my bowling ball shaped head. And so I'm left to exactly DOES one wear a scarf when she is, most definitely, sans neck?