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Introduction My resume-life sees me as a recent graduate, working with AmeriCorps for a year, blood donor, rape crisis advocate, the whole good-girl nine. I live in the Southwest but was born on the East Coast; both places inform my sensibility. My actual life renders me a queer, radically pro choice (and pro life), feminist, femme who's just about everybody's worst nightmare. And you'd never know it to meet me - grandparents love me, everyone reads me as straight, and everyone agrees I'm too damn smart for my own damn good. I have a hispanic momma who can't get over the fact that her kids identify as white, I'm allergic to lots of stuff, I like to travel and hope to do more in the future. Nobody's saying I'm incapable of being a douchebag (in fact I say just the opposite, and often), but it's my damn blog.