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Industry Arts
Occupation Filmmaker, martial artist, Public Relations, Lateral Thinker, Punk Marketer
Location Sydney, NSW, Australia
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Introduction Filmmaker, Performing artist, consultant, facilitator, public speaker, innovator, lateral thinker, traveller amongst other things. I’m an Australian-born Vietnamesey girl from Western Sydney, Australia who is all about being a positive thinking creating win-win situations. My two loves are people and living life and enjoy travelling to parts of the world and connecting with diverse people. If you get close to me, you find out that I'm eccentric, perverse, out of the ordinary up side down gal, with an aversion to shopping, trivial life problems and snitchy girls. On the plus side, I have a strong taste for design and higher conceptual thinking and have a deep connection with my humanitarian side. I can put up a good fight if needed, am prepared to risk my neck for what I believe in, on the same note, am willing to learn from those around me and am open minded to heed people's words of wisdom. I live on a high octane of adrenalin, and blurry fast paceness, scarce for time, but prefer the odd sleep in and ceiling stare. You concocted a plan that you feel that you would like to share with me? Drop me a line and let explore avenues to make it a reality.
Interests Many, many, many interests & many, many moments of interests...I like martial arts choreography, public speaking, presentations, travelling, meeting new and different people, fun and adventure, optimism & having BIG BIG dreams!
Favorite Movies Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Matrix, Turn Left - Turn Right. Currently working on a 13 - 30min part ABC TV series "Downtown Rumble" proposed for later 2010.
Favorite Books I love books, I love bookstores, but I never seem to finish, actually even start one. Love reading the headings and sub headings though!

When you hesitate before hitting snooze on your alarm clock, are you being lazy?

I believe in ABCs; Anything is Possible Becoming Aware Creating Opportunities