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Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Occupation Exec. Producer / Director
Location X-ile Pictures, United States
Introduction A native Texan, Shane graduated from Southwest Texas State with a BFA in Directing/Acting . After moving to NY he continued to work in theatre, film, and TV on such projects as, “Dark Ride” Soho Rep, “Good Morning America”, “King John.”, and feature films such as, “Waiting for Guffman”, “Leap of Faith”, “Hollowman”, as well as various regional commercials and TV credits such as, “New Detectives”, and “Heaven Help Us.” His first film, "Star Wars: Revelations" was completed in April 2005. The film created an internet phenomenon with over 3 million downloads in two months time. Since the time of the release "Revelations" has been featured and gained notoriety from such top and national press agencies as; CNN, CBS, MSNBC, CBC,USA Today, Entertainment Weekly & the LA Times to name a few. Shane then created his second Film "Pitching Lucas" which won the George Lucas Selects and Audience Choice award in 2006. The first film to both top award for one film. Now, due to release in 2008 Felux is working on his next project titled "Trenches", an original Sci-fi action Thriller that will release via the web as a new series.
Interests Good Mead, Raiper Fighting, Film Making, Movies, design, art
Favorite Movies Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, Batman Begins, Indiana Jones, Moulin Rouge, The Cutting Edge, Gladiator, Sense and Sensibility, EuroTrip, Happy Gillmore, Amadeus, Jaws, Braveheart, Pride and Prejudice, Love Actually, The Matrix, Aliens, The Princess Bride, Good, Bad and the Ugly

Your superpower is that you smell like dandelions whenever someone lies. How will you maintain your secret identity?

Wear a dandelion fragrance in which I always smell this way. (which would kind of suck)