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Industry Sports or Recreation
Occupation Horse Racing Housewife
Location Hairy Prairie Armpit, Canada
Introduction I have a lot of pent up energy - not all of it good. The old saying goes, "Hate will destroy the vessel holding it". Ever mindful of the old saw, here I may spew occasional vitriolic thoughts to keep from bursting into spontaneous flames. You may at times find my rantings funny. Other times, not so much. Eh, bitter is a flavour too...
Interests Horses & riding, Harness racing (Standardbred pacers), Home reno & deco, Flower gardening & house plants. Plus such redneck pursuits as quadding & sledding.
Favorite Movies Braveheart, Dark Knight, Black Beauty, too many more to mention.
Favorite Music 60's & 70's Rock n Roll, Dance Music, Country Music (old & new)
Favorite Books Love the works of James Patterson, Kathy Reich, Patricia Cornwell, Clive Barker, Dean Koontz, & many, many other various authors.

Who are the prominently featured characters in my life? DOH is Da Other Half. Piglet is my Teenage daughter. FirstBorn is my adult son. Tiger is my BFF.