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Introduction After living my entire life in Manhattan and planning to get old and die there, a series of events brought me to Los Angeles 6 years ago. I am in awe of the differences between the two cities and the differences between my two lives, because for some reasons related to geography and some not, my amazing life here in L.A. is completely different my supersonic past life in NYC. What remains the same is my love of all things fabulous. I seek these things and I find them. What I love about any city and people and life in general are the lesser known things, the roads less traveled and the trillions of great secrets and magical moments that aren’t front page news or blockbusters but are are god in the details.. My whole life has been about being in love with, or part of, or chasing, or receiving or just noticing the uncommon and the sublime, the majestic and the human, the good, the bad and the ugly, the under appreciated and the overlooked, the messed up, the decadent, the glamourous, crumbling monuments, disregarded history, the fantastically beautiful, the holy and the godly. I want to let you in on the secrets, share it all, but mostly I want to tell you stories. Enjoy my friends.
Interests life, fun, truth, beauty, art, glamour, brilliance, saints, spiritual paths, the world, music, film, animals, literature, people, love, food, art, water, pools, lakes, rain, waterfalls, the ocean, rivers, fountains