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Gender Female
Location Boston, United States
Introduction Hello and welcome to my life. My name is Mercedes and yes that is my real name. I’m a stay home mom originally from the Bay Area and moved to Boston in 2006 when I married my husband “Eearn”. No that is not his real name but I like to call him that cause it sounds funny. We have two daughters, “Sayah” and “Myas” and no those are not their real names either. Just nicknames that I’ve been calling them since they were wee high. Well, they still are wee high but you get the point. This blog is basically a filtered diary about my daily life and the little things that excite me and upset me. As my husband says, I’m very sarcastic so a lot of times my tone is…you guessed it…sarcastic. I’m horrible at grammer and writing so forgive me of my mistakes. A lot of times I may go on and on and on about nothing such as this intro so please forgive me of that as well.
Interests Decorating my home, thrifting, baking, laughing, vintage, my kids, running, anything 80's, Christianity, fashion, tea, records, natural living, natural hair, organic stuff etc.