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Introduction Yes...this is ALL about me, and mine. Marvellously self indulgent, feel free to tell me how splendid I am, leave comments, nice ones please, I have little kids and teenagers who can do the rude stuff. I am a grandma, to the glorious Joshua, I'm allowed to look frazzled and weary, I earned it. The older I get, the more I see that hanging on and being patient is worth it! They ( whoever 'they' are) are so right when they say you never know what is around the corner, it isn't always an articulated truck! It is vital to make the time for making memories, friends are the greatest treasure, I love mine. I am rich!
Interests Sarcasm, laughter, reading blogs, learning about people, cooking, decorating ( actually, not decorating any more, why bother when you have children that think drawing on walls is a good thing?) bargain hunting. E.bay, carboot sales. Shopping.
Favorite Movies Nice movies, with happy endings and funny things in..not scary movies or nasty things. Thankyou very much.
Favorite Music Blue grass, 40's and 50's. I think I forget to listen to music...too much noise here as it is. Quiet, I like quiet..TURN THAT MUSIC DOWN, that's better.
Favorite Books Catherine cookson, Audrey Howard, Bridget Jones Diaries. I like books, nice quiet books that make me feel sleepy and relaxed. Bliss.

Please come up with a more appropriate name for the ringtoe:

Whoever invented the ring toe was quite insane ...I refuse to be associated with such frivolities!