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Occupation Tweaking
Location United States
Introduction I am a wife, mother, grandmother, employee, volunteer, as well as many other things I am sure. However mostly I am a 'Tweaker'. Wikipedia tells us this means someone who likes to touch things up, fiddle with the finishing touches, or make tiny changes. A second definition is to perfect in an Obsessive Compulsive Disorderish way. While I agree with both of those, I argue that for me it is the 3rd definition that I cling to: To Improve. Often in the late night or early morning you will find me in the Tweak Room 'Corner' this is what my family jokingly refers to as Tweaking. Wikipedia tells us that Tweaking is to pay extended amplified attention to tasks, usually of a trivial nature; especially when other tasks of a larger priority should be handled (with or without the aid of methamphetamine). Until you get to know me you really cannot appreciate this gift. After you have personally experienced or been blessed by a 'Tweak' I assure you, you will look at life a little different. Maybe in an Obsessive Compulsive Disorderish way, but different. (smile)
Interests I like to purchase things only once, I want to pay a 'fair' amount, I will repurpose things multiple times until I can no longer find a 'reason' to use them, I love to 'share' with others the things I've learned and the process along the way. . .