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Gender Male
Industry Consulting
Occupation Computer Scientist
Location Oklahoma City, OKlahoma, United States
Introduction I was a teenage creationist. And science was not the silver bullet. What put an end to my howling was a scholarly survey of the Bible and an introduction to philosophy of science, both in my freshman year at a Baptist college. Fifteen years later, I began researching evolutionary computation. Six of my published papers relate to the “no free lunch” theorems for optimization. I became interested in the “intelligent design” variety of creationism (IDC) when one of its leading proponents, William A. Dembski, referred to the theorems, and also bashed evolutionary computation, in No Free Lunch (2002). My peer-reviewed critique of IDC, coauthored by Garry Greenwood, is the opening chapter of Design by Evolution. I have explained here why IDC is bad theology and bad science.
Interests Philosophy, science, poker