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Introduction I have been teaching for 19 years and I have been teaching art for 12 years. Before I switched into art, I taught Kindergarten and First grade for seven years. As a child I always wanted to be a teacher and I was always doing some kind of art. I went back to school and took some studio classes and then graduate school and got a Masters in Art Education. I love teaching art. The kids love making art! My philosophy of teaching art is that art should be part of the core subjects as it once was. I am sad that after my students leave elementary school many of them never take art again. Some just for a semester or two. Art education is about using your creative brain and the more you use that part of your brain the stronger it gets. Our creativity is used in every part of our lives. We don't teach Math, Language Arts, Science or History to only those who are good at it or have an interest in those things do we??? More students will work in an art related field than will work in a sports related field yet we spend much more money on sports in our schools!