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Gender Female
Industry Technology
Occupation I work. Legally.
Location Joliet, IL, United States
Introduction I am a former athlete trapped in a fat person’s body. Sounds harsh don’t it? Well, the reality is medically I am considered obese with a BF% exceeding 32% (which I am sure a good 7% is in the ta-tas alone). It’s the truth and the truth hurts sometimes. In college, my BF% was considered “average”, however in the 17 yrs since “retirement” I had gained up to 65 pounds. Thankfully, I can say of that I have lost approx. 20 # but my journey really has only begun. My journey is about getting healthy, reaching my healthy number and getting more fit. Even though I am considered “obese”, I don’t wear plus size clothing. I am very active- I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2011 and I work out a lot. I dedicate a good portion of my weekly workouts to the practice of yoga. I juggle a full time career, family life and various activities with 2 (large) dogs. I originally started this blog in 2011 as a way to track my training for the marathon and now that that has come and gone, on to something new! Time to catalog my journey.
Interests Cooking, swimming, running, my family, my dogs (my babies) and life in general.

If you were a pirate, how would you avoid laughing when saying 'poop deck'?

Hmmm…I wouldn’t. In fact, I would say it as often as I could. Poop deck! Poop deck! Poop deck! Poop deck! Poop deck! Crying yet?