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Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Occupation Artist, Blogger
Location Pine Mountain, Georgia, United States
Introduction Artist, photographer, composer, author, blogger, metaphysician, herbalist
Interests Art, writing, film, photography, science fiction, music, hiking, camping, bouldering, skydiving, floating, sailing, travel, theology, metaphysics, hot water, flowers, ferns, spooning, meditation, enlightenment, angels, bliss
Favorite Movies Babe, The Best Years of Our Lives, Lawrence of Arabia, Godfather II, Field of Dreams, City of God, Cinema Paradiso, Dangerous Liaisons, Finding Neverland, Hannah and Her Sisters, Dr. Strangelove, The Seven Samurai, Pather Panchali, Hero (Yimou), Memento, Open Range, Parenthood, Kolya, Requiem for a Dream, Brideshead Revisited, Band of Brothers, Wall-E, The Namesake, The Tree of Life, No Country for Old Men
Favorite Music Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Jean-Luc Ponty, Pat Metheny, Michael Hoenig, Santana, Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Van Morrison, Paul Simon, The Police, Steven Halpern, Louis Armstrong, Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Aaron Copland, Bela Bartok, Joaquin Rodrigo, Beethoven, Mozart, Hildegaard, Vampire Weekend, Ozric Tentacles, Wendy Carlos, Willie Nelson
Favorite Books Tao Te Ching, The Magus, Blood Meridian, A Time of Changes, Lord of Light, The Left Hand of Darkness, Another Roadside Attraction, Floating Worlds, The Wisdom of Insecurity, The Back Country, A Clockwork Orange, The Rosy Crucifixion (trilogy), Steps, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, I Am the Cheese, Ender's Game, Red Prophet, The Shadow of the Torturer, The Golden Bough, The Master Game, The Great Gatsby

If it wasn't this, wouldn't it just be something else?