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Gender MALE
Location NW, Oregon
Introduction I got started in Bonsai around 2002 or 2003. We had a friend move in with us who was into bonsai. I remember thinking, "man, what is he doing with those stupid little trees!?" Soon after that I was building a greenhouse in the back yard! Until 2005 I was a "stick in a pot" guy, meaning what I had as so called bonsai were just little nursery trees that were in 1 gallon or bigger pots! It wasn't until I moved North and met Randy Knight that I really learned what "real" bonsai was all about. It is amazing how fast one learns when around really good material instead of 1 gallon nursery crap! Field growing trees and collecting quality yamadori is one of the fastest ways to drastically improve. It is for this that after 4 years I now have a very respectable collection of trees and have grown leaps and bounds as a bonsai artist. Still a novice but improving non the less! Currently I am Walter Pall's only American student! Working and learning from One of the worlds best is a true dream!! Along with Walter I am very lucky to have been able to work with other famous masters as well. Something is to be learned from everyone!