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Introduction Just a blog of my life. This blog is just somewhere where I'll be posting my life, one post every day, usually around 11 PM PST. I'm 17 years old, Asian male. Currently living in Southern California. I'm an avid gamer, playing Warcraft 3, Starcraft 2, Lineage 2, Skyrim, etc.... Yeah I'm a huge gamer actually. I'm planning on majoring in computer science, and I use Java and C++ currently. Other hobbies include paintballing, snowboarding, indoor rock climbing, and walking/enjoying the scenery. My past hobbies include rollerblading, skateboarding, swimming, and... don't remember the rest. Back to the blog. There'll be no names, mentioned at all in this. If you know me IRL, then you should be able to figure out the people I'm talking about. If not, then tough luck. In this day and age of information, nothing's safe online. I'll include stuff like my gaming, programming, love life, etc., so prepare for randomness.