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Introduction I love being in the water more than on land, although I do it rarely these days. I am addicted to coffee, web surfing, reading and writing: on blogs, journals, in email, and on the wall. I think gratitude is the opposite of evil and that stories can heal and change us. I over analyze, over think, over initiate, over gift-give, and over gush. I crush on people immediately. When someone is sharing their story I feel entirely still inside and hope the moment goes on forever. I never think I know what I’m doing in life and figure there are always rules other people know that I don’t. But somehow I do just fine anyway. I am learning the blessings of being imperfect. I am a repository of random facts about Christianity and psychology. I get anxious at embarrassing movies and feel shame easily. I love being awoken from a dead sleep by someone who I adore. I covet attunement, color, art and poetry. Also this blog isn't a debate blog. I created this blog so I would express my feelings and thoughts I was "stuffing". The purpose, art, poetry, therapy, a place to think aloud, a searchable index.... :)
Favorite Movies Saved, V is for Vendetta, Crash, Saving Face, (Lots more I just can't think of them.)