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Introduction Jonathan Lewis came into the world during Chapter 37 of War and Peace, which his mother had been reading at the time she went into labor. (She never did finish the book). A highly allergic kid, he claimed asthmatic distress and successfully managed to miss an entire year of school, staying at home to watch movie musicals on television instead. Doris Day proved such an inspiration that Jonathan became an actor, first appearing as a milk bottle in a second grade stage play entitled “Healthy Foods.” His dubious 25-year acting career included such ignominious highlights as surviving a 400-lb. steel bar falling on his head during a production of “The Music Man” and playing Barney the Beaver in a chain saw commercial. A character actor cursed with the voice of Ethel Merman and the face of a 12-year-old, he finally gave up “acting at all costs” for the rewarding pursuits of an impoverished writer. A film critic since 1996, he loves his job, especially when there’s a movie musical to see, despite his constant worry that his formerly firm dancer’s butt is spreading out as wide as a couch.