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Gender MALE
Industry Technology
Occupation Data Management
Location Marietta, GA, United States
Introduction Married, two kids, one granddaughter. Gaming since 1969 introduced to AH Blitzkrieg while listening to Black Sabbath at a friends house. Could explain a lot! Of course it could have been 1970 but the fog of the past is sometimes thick. Hey, no jokes about me being thick, thank you very much! (I believe 1970 is correct but I have played with toy soldiers since I was 4 years old so you could backdate that to about 1959 I guess) I have run the Kennesaw Mountain Wargamers group out of my basement game room for 20 years now. I am a lost Texan who hopes to move back home some day!
Interests Historical Gaming, periods include; Seven Years War, League of Augsburg/War of Spanish Succession, English Civil War, America Revolution, American Civil War, FPW, Napoleonic, Sailing Ships, WWI and Predreadnought Ships, WWII(some). Mostly in 25/28 mm. Getting back into ancients with 1/72 plastics. I have played just about all periods and scales at one time or another.
Favorite Movies Kelly's Heroes - best war/antiwar movie ever! Monty Python's Holy Grail, Young Frankenstein, The Great Escape, Zulu, Seven Samurai and several others along the same vein I won't bore you with.
Favorite Music Classic Rock - mostly progressivew rock( Yes and Emerson Lake and Palmer). and blues based rock (Led Zepplin, ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Cream etc.) "Pure" Blues and Baroque/Classical also. And others but once again won't bore you with it.
Favorite Books I'm a historian so you know I like history books!