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Industry Law
Location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Introduction My comments are not to be taken as the truth. My dissatisfaction is purely from personal experience. I may seem racist yet I am not. I recognise that learning the boundaries in life is truly the most important lesson. Not obsessed with my sunnies. Or how short my legs are or the details of my every day life. A keen reader of obituaries because it reminds me of how short life really is. Avid listener of the traffic report on radio. Anti Stupid. I am also un-politically correct and I do not get the whole feminism thing. Whats that all about?
Interests Bitching about politics. Bitching about politicians. Bitching about the Malaysian politics and politicians. Every once in a while, I like to read. I indulge in reading lurid details of other people's lives. And I also have a fascination for astrology. No, not astronomy because frankly I do not care if Pluto is still a planet or is now only a Plutoid or whatnot. I love History but not the skewed Malaysian history which eliminates all traces of Chinese. I adore Winston Churchill's approach in life. Archeology & Ancient ruins all fascinate me. Discovering the real reason why KFC wont let me have original AND hot and spicy on the same plate.
Favorite Movies What is the big fuss about HSM? 1, 2 OR 3? Seriously! Who the heck cares about Harry Potter? They are ALL UGLY.
Favorite Music I hate Colbie Caillat. I really do. If I could, I would poke her with a fork just so she deflates and flies off to another planet never to repeat the word Realize ever again.
Favorite Books Angela's Ashes