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Introduction If merits of case on the brutal murder of my wife, Gloria Jean Brown, by PeaceHealth Hospital and Whatcom County emergency responders was heard by the U.S. Supreme Court it would have revoked death statutes and filed murder charges and conspriracy for responders, doctors, risk management employees and de facto state of washington employees who hid the unconscionable, unconstitutional, unspeakable, unnatural criminal acts unheard of in a supposedly civilized society and should be punished by death as a deterant to others and thus save thousands who will be made victims of foreign corporations and state of washingon that utilize doctor and hospital schemes to murder priority creditors of the British Monarchy and Pope with involuntary euthanasia and palliative care, DNR orders and Comfort Care to get away with murder of patients ahead of their time and having it appear legal as long as risk mangement can testify it was done under color of law with a competent patient's consent. Justice Kennedy refused to grant Plaintiff Robert Finbar Brown, pro se, a simple two month extension to file his writ of certeriorari after pursuing his wife's case for nearly seven years.