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Introduction I recently deleted all the posts of my previous blog, The Cult of I. Maybe I should've saved my posts, but screw posterity, they can start with this one instead. I suppose now that it's gone, I can actually talk about it. The Cult of I was my secret journal, where I painstakingly recorded, with unerring accuracy, the-week-that-was for an hour every weekend. To ensure that I published my frank, unedited opinions, I used nicknames and developed my own specifc argot for it. But then, much like a boy on the 27th of december, I got tired of my new toy, and found myself something better to do. Months passed with nary an entry, and in a fit of fassion (atl), I deleted it all. So now that you're up to speed, welcome to my new blog. *checks watch* Gtg. Leave a comment or bugger off, mmmkay?