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Occupation Personal Trainer
Introduction I am a personal trainer based in Palo Alto, specializing in functional strength and movement. Using serious exercises, my clients transform their bodies and develop the strength, power, and balance to improve their health and quality of life, increase athletic performance, and reduce the chance of injury. . . . . My clients are primarily active adults who want help maintaining and improving their body's fitness. . . . A lot of my free time is spent outdoors, exercising as I urge my clients to do. I try to stand more than sit, stay straight, and am at least pretty good at catching myself when I'm not. . .I volunteer as a horse handler for a therapeutic riding program and as a dog walker . . .I practice a vegan diet, but don't talk to my clients about it unless they ask. . . . I care about my clients, and get great satisfaction from seeing them improve their fitness.
Interests exercise, functional fitness, personal training, natural health, horseback riding