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Occupation M.T.
Location Idaho, United States
Introduction Me: Motivated, fun, genuine, fun loving, bit of a hopeless romantic, intelligent, funny (good sense of humor), goofy, loyal, creative, think inside the box, think outside the box, supportive, assertive, shy, active, serious, simple, stubborn, authentic, easy going, bold, compassionate, spontaneous, complex, productive, sensitive, strong-willed, athletic, feminine, see life with both a deep sense of purpose and yet a modest consumption of bliss.
Interests Anything from indoors to out! I love sports (rather play them), art, photography, writing, family, friends, traveling and a meaningful conversation.
Favorite Movies There are a plethra to choose from so, it seems unfair to even attempt!
Favorite Music I can tell you what I avoid: Twangy twangy country, "Did they just say that?" Rap, Heavy thrashin' metal where all I can here is the screeching of the guitar and someone who thinks they can sing karaoke but can not! (that includes me, haha)
Favorite Books Ah books! I once challenged myself to read all of the Encyclopedia books - uh yeah, only got a few pages into the A's. Maybe someday I'll actually follow through with the rest. But for now, I enjoy fantasy/fictional, self-improvement, Spiritual, True-life stories and well, anything that within the first few pages captures my undivided attention! But my all time favorites, are the ones with pages! ;)

How many pancakes does it take to shingle the eiffel tower?