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Location Wheeling, West Virginia, United States
Introduction I was born in Chicago and grew up the suburbs as the oldest of 8 children. This prepared me to be self reliant. My parents were far too busy to do much for the oldest. What my humble beginnings did give me was the need to start working when I was 15. I was an AV nerd in high school and that provided both my first job (programming an early teaching machine) and a life long interest in electronics and audio/video equipment. I have had a home recording studio for some time and besides musical recording (I play acoustic and electric guitar) I have used my studio to produce radio commercials for the businesses my wife and I started in North Carolina and for the McDonald’s restaurants we operated in West Virginia and Ohio And now? Well, after a brush with cancer I’ve entered yet another period of my life: the disability period. Take my word for it, cancer is a truly horrible disease. But cancer treatment…that’s what really gets you. Now, I’m a blogger and through this blog I plan on putting some of my thoughts and opinions out for the world to read. Agree or don’t. Argue with me or not. But please, try to enjoy the trip and let me know what you think.