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Introduction Although it requires some effort and knowledge, great recordings in acceptable quality can often be found tucked away in some dusty crate waiting to be discovered. This blog is here to inspire you to seek out those recordings that have fell silent to the digital era and listen to them, rather than making them into a bowl or hanging them up as d├ęcor. All the recordings posted on this blog were found at various thrift stores in Orlando, Florida (unless otherwise noted). No records were ordered online or purchased at a record store. Every record posted is from a thrift store crate that I personally sifted through. Although I would like to try and post the rarest and the coolest stuff out there, that is not entirely possible. I am limited by my luck, willpower, knowledge and the quantity of records I come across. But, if these recordings posted are any indication, good music can be found, listened to and enjoyed even if they are outdated and unwanted.