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Industry Arts
Occupation artist and jewelry designer
Location Detroit, Michigan, United States
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Introduction Artist. Writer. Jewelry designer. Mother. The list goes on.
Interests knitting, video games, sewing, music, art, science fiction/fantasy novels, motherhood, literature, web design, journaling, scrapbooking, jewelry design, photography
Favorite Movies 28 Days Later, The Dreamlife of Angels, South Park:the movie, Kill Bill vols. 1&2, Batman Begins, Starwars, Dodgeball, School of Rock, Enter the Dragon, Matrix trilogy, Mirrormask
Favorite Music Daft Punk, Radiohead, Led Zepplin, Madonna, David Bowie, Linkin Park (spelling?), Nelly Furtado, Tori Amos, Jewel, Kelis, The Neptunes, N.E.R.D., Clipse, Nas, Jay Z, Eminem, Lil' Jon, Yin-Yang Twins, T.I., Korn
Favorite Books Perdido Street Station by China Mieville, The Scar by China Mieville, The Onion Girl by Charles de Lint, The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu, Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynn Truss, Otherland series by Tad Williams, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, House of Leaves, Kushiel's Dart, The Shining Court, Anna Karenina, Catch 22

In the dream where you show up to school naked, why do you never go swimming?

Because I had to go find clothes...and my crush, in no particular order ;)