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Industry Law
Location Chicago, Illinois, United States
Introduction Always ready with a sarcastic comment or a witty retort, I try to live life by what I like to call "The Tarnished Silver Rule": if you can't think of anything nice to say, come sit next to me. I'm an improviser with a day job, an occasional writer, a parent of two little smart asses and an adventurer. Sometimes I'm funny; sometimes I'm only funny to me. But that's OK--somebody's got to keep me amused.
Interests I'm not sure I even understand this question. It's almost like getting a fortune cookie with a non-fortune. You know--the ones that say something like, "you are well respected among your peers." Sorry, Mr. Fortune Cookie Fortune Writer Man, you aren't fooling me. It's five minutes til quitting time on Friday and you're just trying to look busy. Anyway, this question reminds me of a theory I have: one ox, many oxen; one fox, several FOXEN. Makes sense, no?
Favorite Movies I'm so bad at these questions because I like lots of movies but I'm not good at remembering movies. The part of my brain that would be used for remembering movies and actors is completely filled up with song lyrics and musicians. But how bout that one where Ryan Gosling [or Reynolds] takes his shirt off? Mmm. Yeah. That one.
Favorite Music Does it have a good beat? Can I dance to it? Then I like it. I like songs from all genres, but truthfully I'm not overly fond of anything too angry or heavy unless I'm really in a mood. Old country is good, too, but you probably won't find me listening to the new Keith Urban CD. (Wait, do CDs still exist?) Generally speaking, I lean towards uptempo music with major tonalities and/or close vocal harmonies. So I can sing and dance along.
Favorite Books You know, when you work full time and have kids AND pursue hobbies that have nothing to do with your work or your kids, things like watching TV, seeing movies or reading books have to fall by the wayside. When I do read, it's generally something humorous. I like anything by David Sedaris, for instance.

Foxes are clever and tigers are cunning. So, what's your cat's safety school?

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