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Gender Female
Location London, United Kingdom
Introduction Hi! Welcome to Spiritually Transformed. My name is Dani Tringale. I have a passion for writing and motivating and helping people towards spiritual transformation to fulfil their deepest desires. Prior to became financially independent I used to work as a lawyer, sometimes I helped people in serious and life threatening situations. I have done several jobs, from being a typist, a flight attendant, a bar tender, a shop assistant, a security in supermarkets, I have been volunteering in some organisations. Since 1998, when my spiritual transformation began, I became convinced that Human Beings are placed in this planet to re-establish a connection to their spiritual part and to became and stay in Enlightenment, a state of being we can all reach. By applying spiritual principles I’ve experienced several layers of reality and I’ve had incredible spiritual/mystical experiences (which are listed by Imere, the Institute for Mystical Experience Research and Education).