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Introduction First and foremost, I'm a born again Christian. Not perfect, by any stretch of the imagination, but thankfully forgiven. I'd love to tell you about Jesus, if you don't know Him.
I am also a military wife. I've been married to my amazing submariner, Stu, for 17 years. He truly is the love of my life and completes me in such a way that I do not feel like I was truly living, just biding my time, before I met him. We don't have a perfect relationship. We say things to each other that we shouldn't, and we take each other for granted entirely too often, but we love each other very much and trust that God created us to be together.
I have also been blessed to be the mom of four amazing children. Emily is 16 and Brooke is 15. This, of course, means they know SO much more than Mom and Dad! They are such joys to be around. It is neat to watch the amazing young ladies they have become, and see how they are changing over time!
We also have two sons. Joshua is 5 and Andrew is 3. Yes, boys are COMPLETELY different than girls! They sure keep life hopping! What a joy to watch them grow!
I know God has great things in store for these children!