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Introduction Things I Love: 1. Home 2. A really good story 3. Coffee (Okay, really, it's all about the creamer. Our friend, Bill says, "Coffee is just a medium for creamer. You have to drink coffee because it's not socially acceptable to drink creamer" 4. Having a husband for a best friend 5. The Bible - living, active & sharper than a 2-edged sword 6. Being right - who doesn't love that? 7. Being forgiven. Things I Hate: 1. Fear 2. Being misunderstood 3. The stomach flu, especially when the whole family gets it at the same time - yuck! 4. Red Rover - this game was invented by the big kids. For those of who were wimpy little kids, Red Rover is humiliating at best and terrifying at worst, and I could always count on hearing "Send Angie right over" first thing. 5. Cranium - invented by extreme extroverts. For the rest of us, there's nothing worse than going to a large social gathering and having this game pulled out, because you know when it's your turn you're going to get, "charades: pretend to be Dolly Parton" 6. Teaching my kids not to trust people, hearing them practice yelling, "This is not my dad!" 7. Peanut butter