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Industry Arts
Occupation Artist, museum assistant, human rights worker, lecherous winker :)
Location Somewhere under a cupboard, United Kingdom
Introduction Welcome; have a cup of tea and pull up a chair! I like: creepy-crawlies, eating almost everything, and making things
Interests abandoned buildings, anti-hugh heffner, aquatic ape theory, arguments, astronomy, attics and cellars, automata, autumn, autumn leaves, bones, bumblebees, carousel horses, people, classical music, claudine et annie, clocks, clouds, coffee, colette, deep sea fish, día de los muertos, earth science, feminism, human rights, ghost stories, harpsichords, haunted houses, insects, insight, jung, mazes, meat operas, mortuary science, neuroscience, newspapers, old churchyards, old keys, ossuaries, painting, patterns, philosophy, pianos, psychology, radio 4, red wine, rhesus negative, silhouettes, skulls, snow, svenkmajer, sylvia plath, tarot, the sea, the sound of rain, theology, topiary, victorian literature, walking in the woods, weed gardens, ♪, drawing, painting, thinking, nattering, swearing, eating, dog-tickling, cheerful grumbling, fruitless philosophising, park-snoozing, constant tea consumption, radios, art, literature, realism, simple clothing, science, ecology, earth science, silliness, philosophy, politics, feminism, applied arts, simplicity, religion, dance, anti capitalism, zen, cynicism, tolerance and understanding, paganism, atheism, spirituality
Favorite Movies Svenkmajer (Faust), Metropolis (Lang) the one with the cheesy music soundtrack, Winstanley (amazing film, everyone must see it!), Wings of Desire (Wim Wenders), Cries and Whispers (Ingmar Bergman) Koyaanasqatsi, some of the old Russian animations, old B/W films.
Favorite Music overtone chanting, folk, gregorian, Van Morrison, bulgarian female voice choir, Cream, Hendrix, Victoria Spivey, Tracy Chapman, bach, enigma, some liszt, the smiths, TMBG, etc etc etc etc, trance, dance, 70s, 80s, 90s, mozart, beethoven....
Favorite Books The Magic Mountain (Thomas Mann), Fear of Flying (Erica Jong), The Feminine Mystique (Betty Friedan), LOTR (unoriginal choice I''m afraid but true), Gormenghast (Mervyn Peake), The Worst Journey in the World (Atkinson Cherry-Garrard), Katherine Mansfield short stories...most biographies, lots of Pratchett, COLETTE....pretty much all nonfiction...and so on....