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Gender Male
Location Maryland, United States
Introduction I've finally decided to begin the long and arduous task of breaking into the sports commentary world (and honestly mostly the DC sports commentary world, because that's what I care about). I know, I know the Irish theme is overplayed, but I promised myself if I had a band or a blog I would name it Looking for Lucky (derive whatever connotations you want from the name and feel free to share). Warning: I am so far from PC I might as well just be blackballed by the holier than though media now and be done with it. But the hell with it, maybe my perspective will be a unique take through the cloud of SH*T that we read today ::cough cough:: proschmootballtalk...
Interests Honestly, why do you care about my interests? You probably don't, right? If you are here- you're probably my friend, colleague or by some freaking miraculous event stumbled upon my sports blog.