Stanford J. Young

About me

Gender Male
Industry Religion
Location Birmingham, Al, United States
Introduction I am married (24 years) with two teenage children. I was born in Buffalo, NY but have lived in California, Texas, Virginia, Florida, Georgia and the last thirteen years in North Carolina. We recently moved to Birmingham, AL. Between 1990-92, My family and I (wife and 1 1/2 year old son) spent two years living in the Czech Republic involved in missionary work. We were not associated with any particular organization, but went on our own with two other families. It was a life-changing experience. We still regard that as a home away from home and have some dear friends there. I have a Masters in Economics from the University of South Florida, but have spent most of my adult life studying religion and theology.
Interests My Family, Theology, Apologetics, Creation-Evolution Issues, Religion & Science, Politics, & Sports
Favorite Movies All Film Noir - The Maltese Falcon, LA Confidential; Lord of the Rings, Patton, The Godfather, The Englishman ..., Casablanca, Hotel Rwanda, Love Actually, THe Importance of Being Ernest, Oceans 12, The Bourne Series, Get Shorty.
Favorite Music U2 - head and shoulders above the rest. Bruce Springsteen, Lyle Lovett, Weezer, Celtic Music, Cold Play, Norah Jones, Bing Crosby, Wierd Al
Favorite Books The Bible. Otherwise, I like authors over particular books: Anything and Everything by C.S. Lewis (especially Mere Christianity), N.T. Wright (Anglican Bishop of Durham), Richard Bauckham (Theology professor at University of St. Andrews), Richard Hays, John Stott, William F. Buckley, Winston Churchill. Fiction writers: John LeCarre (especially loved the Night Manager) - I believe I've read all of his books except Little Drummer Girl (that was a difficult one and didn't have the interest to finish it), and Michael Crichton - whom I find to be a very rational man.

Which is more important to you and why: flexibility or expandability?

Expandability. Certainly at the waistline of late - it is critical! But, on the more esoteric level, expandability (especially of the mind) is crucial to flexibility. Too many people are unwilling to expand their mind and learn from alternative positions - but, by doing so we find that we must become more flexible with our sacred orthodoxies as we come to understand our own subjective prejudices.