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Occupation To the tax office, I'm a Primary Producer; To my family, I'm Wife, Mum, bookkeeper and all round girl friday ; in my soul, I'm an Artist!
Location Theodore, Queensland, Australia
Introduction As a textile and mixed media artist, I’ve been known to cut open and wash out empty tomato paste tubes, pick up broken, rusted bits of lost jewelry in car parks and hoard plastic shopping bags to create beads to use in my art. If pushing the limits of convention, and daring to try something new are appealing, you might enjoy visiting here from time to time! And, if you daydream about a life on the land, complete with manure covered, wrangler clad blokes; cows, horses, dogs, cats and the occasional snake, echidna and dead wallaby; you can live vicariously right here (safe from actual encounters with venomous serpents!) It’s hard to find a connection between those two sets of circumstances, but that connection makes up my life! Texture stops me in my tracks. I gaze at it, feel it, photograph it, am mesmerized by it…race to the studio and try to reproduce it! Gratitude and delight have the exact same effect. Is there anything you enjoy more than stopping, for just a second, to feel the fullness of your heart in the face of something simple, breathtaking and beautiful? No, me either.
Interests Art - escpecially textiles; my family; my friends; reading; travelling; learning new things...everything is interesting!
Favorite Movies The Family Stone; The Colour Purple;The Blindside;pretty much anything well acted with a solid story line will keep me happy
Favorite Music I'm partial to Country Rock, but will listen to anything - with the exception of rap, hip hop music...
Favorite Books Change of Heart by Jodi Piccoult; Poisionwood Bible; To Kill A Mockingbird;Mixed Media Explorations; We Need To Talk About Kevin

How is an ankle unlike a consequence?

This kind of reminds me of the 'joke' my father used to tell... What's the difference between a duck? One of it's legs is the same. (these random questions are VERY random!)