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Location 619, CALI, BABY! YEEEAAHHH!!!, United States
Introduction I'm Ya Mutha. I'm Ya Daddy. I'm That Blogger Reppin' Cali. Eff ya brotha if you need. Po' some drank, blow some...OH!
Interests Like an 80s Edday Murphay, MY blog likes to pawday ALLLL the time! And since I'm a fun-loving, always honest kinda gal, my personal views may get me into trouble. But just know: They are MINE! Not Blogger's; not Google's. Mine. ALL MINE! Oh! And don't blame ME for the views of those who comment. That blame falls on them and THEM alone. If you need their phone numbers and addresses, holla at THEM. Not me. I'll be over here enjoying MY freedom. Thank you vurry much. Laughter is the medicine for the soul, mayne. And that's all I'm tryna provide; I ain't tryna hurt noboday. So call me "The Funny Pharmacist." And if you know me...you owe me! **shoots the 'I Pity Da Foo' eye** Never have nor will I claim ownership of the copywritten photos, vids, or other materials featured here. When known, sources are cited...and thanked with an account at the Head Bank. For those of you who've enjoyed music in the last century or so, you'd recognize some of the lyrics posted. But just know: Some of 'em I've wrote it; other's I've quoted. So don't think I'm tryna jank anyone. I just ain't got the time, energy, nor desire to quote every single solitary source when it comes to a song. So now that THAT'S out the way: ENJOY YASELF!