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Industry Student
Occupation Teacher, Cook, Maid, 24/7 cow to a merciless dictator... in short? mommy.
Location Fort Myers, Florida, United States
Introduction I am: my own self-help guru, walking contradiction, student, full of whimsy, easily frustrated, easily distracted, random, silly, breastfeeding, eccentric... okay absolutely nuts, Gemini, mommy.
Interests completely embracing this mommy thing and the metamorphosis that comes with it, my most wonderful creatures: Rory, Teijah, and Ori, chickens, gardening, helping things grow, finding the path to true understanding, crosswords, daisies, finding all the amazing things out about every person i meet, the colour pink, jasmine, baby wearing, remembering what i was like before boys - and learning to be that way again, people watching, cartoons, going on dani adventures, finally "finishing" learning how to play guitar, developing my own version of attachment parenting, photography, clay, glass, food - any art that involves the manipulation of objects with my hands, toys, owls, those people who have always loved me no matter how crazy i was, the colour brown, my new found love of nature - that is, actually being in it *lol*, learning to sew (at very long last), iced chai lattes, the higher education in the school of "myself", running, writing, sleep, coffee, snuggling babies, tiny things and all things miniature, boxes, white stargazer lilies, long scarves, hello kitty, the colour orange, noticing, hiking, that amazing light people get in their eyes when they are doing something they are truly passionate about - and finding a way to trap it.
Favorite Movies none currently... simply the odd, funny, and sometimes brutal interactions of the most amazingly beautiful creatures I have ever seen: Rory, Teijah, and 'little" Ori.
Favorite Music the truly insightful songs thought up by small children, the rhythmic babblings of a baby at play, anais mitchell, devendra banhart, thievery corporation, ben harper, jack johnson, rusted root, regina spektor, depeche mode, the cure, bob marley, sex pistols, the wind, janis joplin, otis redding, nina simone, tori amos, nirvana, cyndi lauper, violent femmes, perfect circle, lou rawls, woody gutherie, baby laughs, portishead, switchblade symphony, tool, renee and jeremy, pearl jam, johnny cash, the bangles, ani difranco, nirvana, soul asylum, carly simon, david bowie, oh and the rainbow family . . . that pretty much rocked . . . generally any large group of people in unity or that guy (or girl) with their guitar pissing off the yuppies, spare changing at the gas station or just rocking out somewhere . . . toss in some random people harmonizing unrehearsed and that my friend is beautiful. I think music is the language of god . . . you can tell someone got it right when you get those goosebumps . . .
Favorite Books judy grahn, ayn rand, thich nhat hahn, g.i. gurdgieff, george orwell . . . the celestine prophecy *heh* and sometimes dennys' napkins . .

Which is more important to you and why: flexibility or expandability?

flexibility... because I try to avoid expanding and it's always good to be super bendy.