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Occupation Domestic Engineer
Location Maine
Introduction Idealist, stubborn, introvert, eccentric, bookish, random, old-fashioned, cautious, writer, photographer, baker, home cook, wife, friend, daughter, mother. Me.

My blog, Grace & Gusto, is about my journey through the dismantling of modern culture, learning from scratch, and reconstructing a homemade world with vintage appeal.
Interests baking, homemade bread, music, the 1940s, crochet, Audrey Hepburn, organizing things, clean counters, old-fashioned furniture and furnishings, old books, travel, classic movies, stupid romantic comedies from the 90s, coffee, purple, bourbon, reading and writing poetry, traditional catholicism, Gene Kelly, Maine, homemade, politics, cookies, eating peanut butter right from the jar, the sound of boots on pavement, orchids, pearls, autumn, angry squirrel sounds, ballet flats, Alexander McQueen, Oscar de la Renta, eating soup from a giant mug, pajamas, clouds, Frank's hot sauce, fog, knitting, handbags, jewel tones, wood stoves, quiet evenings at home with the husband, etsy, food, cooking, writing, wine

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