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Industry Non-Profit
Occupation Child care manager
Location Raytown, Missouri, United States
Introduction About me...hum? Well, I am strong, stuborn, loyal, & grateful.(I sound like a horse...or a mule??)I try to be grateful everyday, for as many things as I can think of that day. Somedays it is big stuff (like my Huzbum & Baby), some days it is the way the clouds happen to look surreal in comparision to the ground.I'm deep....I know. Haha.
Interests Reading, Art & Design, Home Improvement, Wood working, Dog Training, Living Green, Children, Religion, Health & wellbeing, Grateful & Joyful living.
Favorite Movies It depends on the day! I can generally say I love watching the 5th Element. I know..not outstanding cinema, but it makes me laugh out loud everytime I watch it. Big Bada BOOM! Hehe.
Favorite Music Were to start? On any givin day there is no telling what you'll find me playing. It makes getting into my car an adventure!
Favorite Books Duh...Harry Potter!!

If you where an animal what would you be?