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Occupation actress, artist
Location Santa Monica, CA, United States
Introduction ♥Cathy is an avid happiness seeker, inspired actress, colorful painter, passionate booty shaker, loves to lay down funky beats, wanna be dj, she reads self help books, and thinks she's a good cook, is a proud vegan, and baby talks to her cat way too much. She cracks her knuckles constantly and has a heightened sense of smell, she's an at times whimsical do-er, a senstive soul, counselor to friends, extensive dreamer, lives without too much direction, sees with everyone elses eyes, plays with her hair a lot, doesn't always have an explanation, goes with her gut, searching for everything and nothing, digging deep into the depths of the thick light and dark-in between shadow and glitter-to find what makes her heart beat, her mouth turn into a smile, and her eyes to brighten. that's her. ♥
Interests painting, eating, blogging, laughing, feeling, listening, picture taking, parading, making, jumping, bursting, wanting, shining, shimmering, loving.