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Occupation Homemaker
Location Buhl, Idaho, United States
Introduction Hi! And Welcome to my blog! I am excited to share with you my life in process. I am a Woman daily trying to understand God's instructions in my life as I am the wife to My Mister and the mother to My 4 + 1 Little and Not so Little Chicks.
Interests I love paper crafting such as stamping and scrapbooking, hiking camping, educational fieldtrips with my kids, traveling to new places, giving parties, going to parties, spending time with friends and family. Gardening, raising animals for food, studying nutrition and health.
Favorite Movies I like movies that make me think, like The Village. Movies that inspire me to be greater like, Luther. Movies that encourage me to be stronger like, Swiss Family Robinson. My Flock (family) says I like movies that make me cry, but I would have to add that if the opening of a movie makes me cry (without uttering one word) I know it will be good, like Secretariat! I was bawling like a baby in 5 seconds! I do not like 'girly, romance movies' with the exception of good old fashioned Jane Austin. My all time go to though is action packed good guy verses bad guy such as Open Range or Lord of the Rings.
Favorite Music I love music. I first love music that worships God, then I love everything under that.Bluegrass, some select country, rock, oldies, alternative, Blues, Jazz and on and on....
Favorite Books Pretty much all I read these days is non-fiction. I kid you not. Except what the kids and I read together my 'go to' is books that instruct and teach. I love to learn and I learn lots by reading. Gardening, farming, homesteading, nutrition, health, theology, The Bible. I have recently read 'All Creatures Great and Small' and had to force myself to finish it even though I enjoyed it all the way through. I feel like I might miss some important tidbit if I am not learning. Not much time you know! :)

What spells can you cast with magic markers?

Ooooo! Good one! Let's see, with magic markers, i can make my garden the perfect blend of color's, textures and visual stimuli to keep you there for hours. With the scented magic markers, the kind I used as a child, I can make the most amazing aromas come out of my garden that put you into a trance like state, dreaming about the Garden of Eden and it's perfection before the Fall.