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Location Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates
Introduction My room is my castle, I spend a lot of time in my bedroom, Drawing, browsing Internet, and doing a lot of things, after all I don't feel comfortable anywhere else. I'm a smiley person, I smile whatever inner feeling I have. I like to enjoy everything I have, even Tiny things that almost nobody will notice them!. I hate any one ruin my fun or my good mood, especially negative people who always pulls you down or trying to do so. For me, Being honest is the best thing you do when you talk to me, I hate lairs, it is something I can't forgive. Many people think I'm kind of childish girl, and to tell you the truth I enjoy it, to be always young from inside,However you can always trust me in any situation to face, Mature enough to be patient and solve the problem, To me: Watching Cartoons or playing video games is much better to listen to Songs or watch video clips :) this is the way I act to face this time we live in.
Interests Photography, Graphic Designing, Drawing, Wii, Nintendo DS, Anime, Emailing, Writing, Makeup, and any thing full of fun
Favorite Movies Jodha Akbar, kabhi khushi kabhi gham, Lord of the ring, كتكوت, زكي شان, بس يا بحر
Favorite Books ل, أسعد امرأة فالعالم, العادات السبع للأسر الأكثر فعالية, Harry potter and the philosopher's stone, Jane Eyre, Wuthring Heights, Twilight

Paper or briefs?

Not in the mood, so Blank paper will be more than fine ~ so tell me, paper or briefs?