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Gender Male
Occupation Anatomy & Physiology Instructor
Location Missoula, Montana, United States
Introduction I am called Matt, Mats, Matty, Chez, Chezzy, Cheese, Chedder, Ice, Icy-Ice, Cheesy-Cheese, Chee-eese, Chedder Ice, Matty Ice, Fatty Rice, Shyrock, Shrock, and Mini Shrock. If I had a dime for every nickname I'd be...well, I'd have a buck-sixty. Their etymology remains unclear but I consider all of them my name. By day, I'm a scientist or was. I recently jumped ship and hopped on a different train heading into the horizon. I just turned "Pro" in triathlon however, the job is far from a profession. Currently my income is far less than my outcome; that is if you qualify outcome fiscally. If the outcome in life is happiness, I guess I'm right on track. Like I said before, this is my dream and I'd regret not going for it. If you jump and fall on your ass, just stand'll be on feet again. Missoula, Montana is where I call home. We call it the center of the universe. When the sun shines the sky stretches on infinitely, forest trails twist and zig-zag through the mountains, and pure, sparkling water feeds the many rivers flowing through town. The people here are poor but happy, fast yet humble, and generous with their smiles.
Interests Cooking, Guitar, Triathlon, Skiing, French, Dinner with friends, Wine, The Kettle House Brewery, Food, Drawing, Biology, Dreaming.