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Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Occupation Writer/Electronic Music Artist
Location San Jose, California, United States
Introduction A Northern California Writer, Poet, Electronic Music Producer (Planet Ronin). On a journey of discovery in the world of dreams and desires..
Interests 60s, 70s, acid jazz, angels, anime, atlantis, aussie girls, autumn, avalon, beach, books, california, castles, chemical brothers, chocolate, circle, classic rock, creativity, crusades, desire, dido, djs, dolphins, downbeat, dvd, electronica, erotica, europe, exploring, expresso, fall, fantasy, fire, folklore, foreign language films, freemasons, gaming, global warming, greenpeace, haiku, halo, hawaii, hazel eyes, hearts, heaven, hope, house music, icon-making, internet radio, intuition, japan, japanese women, jim morrison, knighthood, knights, kung fu, la, languages, las vegas, led zepplin, live365, making music, manchester united, meditation, midnight, moby, moonlight, movies, mp3s, mythology, myths, native american, nutrition, oakenfold, ocean, pearl jam, pink floyd, poems, poetry, questions, radio, rain, rainforest, raw foods, reading, relationships, rising sun, rivers, rock music, ronin, running, sacred symbols, samurai, sand, santa cruz, sci-fi, sea, seti, sex, shoutcast, smooth jazz, snow, soccer, spirit, spring, stars, storms, summer, sunlight, surfing, surfrider foundation, swords, symbols, tangerine dream, tanka, tatu, tea, techno, templar, templar knights, thai food, the beatles, the cross, the doors, thievery corporation, thunder, tiesto, tofu, tokyo, trance, travel, traveling, trip hop, water, waterfalls, waves, weightlifting, winamp, wind, winter, woodstock, words, writing, xbox, zen, zero 7, zines.
Favorite Movies I like all Sci-Fi & Fantasy films, plus Thrillers..
Favorite Music I love all types of music, my favoites genres are Rock and Electronic/Dance
Favorite Books All Sci-Fi, Fantasy, History, True Life, plus Spy novels...