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Occupation General Practitioner
Location Rantingshire, United Kingdom
Introduction Dr Rant is an NHS doctor, a battle-hardened veteran on the health service front line, and has strong opinions on the state of the NHS, and the people who run it. Dr Rant is a fictional character played by the various Dr Rant team members. This does lead to a bit of confusion, as different team members interpret him differently. Sometimes he is a single handed GP, at other times a hospital consultant, or even a locum doctor. Sometimes he is a neo-marxist, at other times he can seem postitively Thatcherite. Sometimes he has a family, at other times he is a lonely, divorced, alcoholic. Sometimes he is a she. However, Dr Rant is always angry. Very angry. He's the kind of doctor that we all want to be some of the time, and none of us want to be all of the time. As one GP on DNUK put it: 'If Dr Rant didn't exist, we'd have to invent him, but no real person could be that angry all the time - their head would explode'. Although Dr Rant has a male atavar, there is no gender implied. So Dr Rant's first name may be spelt Francis or Frances and may be shortened to either Frank or Frankie depending on the author.
Interests Surviving the Fall of the NHS
Favorite Movies Apocalypse Now, Doctor in the House, M*A*S*H
Favorite Music Ride of the Valkyrie
Favorite Books NHS Plc, Plundering the Public Sector