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Introduction Adventures in Knitting, if knitting is something that you can even have adventeres in. In addition to knitting, I like to spend every free mintute I can get spinning yarn, and taking apart thrift store sweaters for yarn. I recentlly got a wheel, and I love it, so quick and efficent. I knit mostly sweaters and socks, and aviod anything that I can call fiddly (and what I call fiddly, changes daily). Writing, and pondering the abusurd takes up a large part of the day. When not busy with all those other nobel past times, I'm off reading, running, meditating, yoga-ing, stretching, (those two things are not the same) walking everywhere, cooking Italian food, and learning the Italian language. I love how I try to sum up my whole life on a little side bar of a little blog. There is much more to me than this, you just got the top layer, if you want to catch a glimpse of my mind, look to the center column, where all the action is at.