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Gender Male
Location Geelong, Victoria, Australia
Introduction As a child I enjoyed being nude when ever I could, I don't know why but I just wanted to take my clothes off all the time. I can remember as a child, I would often wait until it was dark and go skinny dipping in the pool at home, As time passed I still had this desire to be naked when ever I could, weather it was at home, at the beach, or a quiet place on the river. I was lucky as we had a great swimming hole that was secluded and most of the time I was able to enjoy the river alone. On occations when I had company I would dare my frind to "Skinny Dip" which they would. This served two purposes, one I could spy on my naked friends body, and secondly I could also enjoy the freedom of being nude. During puberty I wasn't really aware that I was gay but I had an idea. In the late seventies and early eighties there wasn't as much accessable information about sexuality. I just knew I was different from most of my friends at school, I just didn't understand why. Today I have a much better understanding of my sexuality, and have learnt heaps about being a Gay Nudist, and YES I am very proud of who I am.
Interests Gay lifestyle, Gay Nudism, Gay Underwear, Aussie men, Gay sex, speedos