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Introduction I'm a 37-year-old transplant from Southern California to the Atlanta, Georgia area. I have a great husband Chris, an incredible 5-year-old son Calvin, and a perfect daughter Addison who lived for only a week. Addison was born 10/28/09, at 38 1/2 weeks, after I went to the hospital due to decreased fetal movement. She had an apparent cord injury that didn't kill her, but left her with severe hypoxic ischemic brain injury. She had no reflexes (dilation, suck, swallow) but was somehow able to breathe on her own. That's it. She was born into a coma-like state and remained that way until she died on 11/4/09. We went through the horrible ordeal of placing her in hospice, discontinuing IV fluids, pumping her full of pain meds (although we don't think her brain was capable of transmitting pain signals anyway) and watching her die. Our too-perfect life has been shattered, and I intend for this blog to be my outlet for all the crazy, scary, unthinkable ramblings in my brain. I'm just trying to figure out how to live [happily again] without her. Update: We welcomed a son, Ryder, on 3/2/11.