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Introduction The primary idea behind this blog is to share my miniature projects for you to re-create. I have written and had published some 300+ DIY articles and I like to think that my work has influenced and been an inspiration to many. I generally use inexpensive or found items and materials that should be available in just about any local or online, and often just in your “junk-drawer”. Paper, in all of its forms, is my forte but you may choose, in many instances, to substitute other materials, making any necessary adjustments. I use simple, but quality hand tools and always keep the blades of my scissors and knives sharp. Generally the only powered tools I use are Dremel Motto Tools and a variable speed drill…oh, and a heat gun (I can’t wait for the paint to dry). I hope that my projects will inspire you to create miniatures of your own designs. My work is for your enjoyment only, please do not use for personal profit. If you have a question, suggestion or special request please feel free to contact me.