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Industry Student
Occupation Mother; Student of Life
Location GreenSwamp, Florida, United States
Introduction Single mother. Part of that .01% your birth control warned you would get pregnant. Snarky, semi-crunchy perpetual student of life. Equilibrating in many different ways.
Interests abortion rights, aids awareness, albert goldbarth, animal rights, animals, art history, asthma, babies, baking, bi-polar depression, birds, bisexuality, bofh, books, brian froud, caffeine, catholic pagans, catholicism, cats, catullus, charles bukowski, chausies, children, christina rossetti, classics, cloth diapers, cloth pads, co-sleeping, coffee, cooking, creedence clearwater revival, curing breast cancer, darren aronofsky, democrats, dobermans, dogs, domesticism, double dilute genetics, dr. seuss, e.e. cummings, eddie izzard, environmentalism, equids in general, equine sports massage therapy, erotica, evanescence, faeries, fair trade, feral cats, fertility awareness, french, fun hats, gardening, geek boys, geek girls, geeking out, get fuzzy, gordon ramsey, green living, green party, gypsy vanner horses, happy phantoms, health, high risk obstetrics, home improvement, horses, indian ringneck parrots, jamie zawinski, johnny depp, joshua bell, kage baker, killian's irish red, kitchen witchcraft, laetitia casta, latin, linux, literature, maggie gyllenhaal, maine coons, mastering masturbation, menstrual alternatives, menstrual cups, midwifery, midwifery and obstetrics, migraines, national no-pants day, naturism, neck biting, nerdisms, nicotine, nine inch nails, nonsensicle babbling, norah jones, opals, organic farming, oscar wilde, pacers, paganism, parrots, pets, piercings, pink floyd, pit-bulls, planned parenthood, porn, pro-choice, psychadelia, psychotropics, purple hair, red sox, rhps, richard stallman, robert mapplethorpe, rtfm, sappho, self injury recovery, sex in the snow, single parenting, something positive, standardbreds, stop bsl, sublime, suicide girls, support groups, sushi, sustainable living, sylvia plath, tarot, tattoos, tea, terry pratchett, the vagina monologues, therapy, thoroughbreds, toe socks, tori amos, two lumps, unending passion, vagina love, vanilla cloves, vizslas, weimeraners, wine, women's rights, zebras